Address: 16-18 Market St, Standish, Wigan, WN6 0HN
T: 01257 425 812

Terms & Conditions

1.        All orders will require a deposit of no less than 25% of the full order value, this deposit is non-refundable, if you cancel your installation and we cannot re allocate your dates to another customer.
2.        Our standard payment schedule as follows 1)Deposit 25% 2) No later than the start 35% 3)No later than second week of installation 35% 4) Practical completion remaining 5% (see para 3)
3.        Practical completion- means a fully working bathroom, kitchen or bedroom awaiting final snagging, mirrors accessories, products not on site due to circumstances beyond the control of Aqua (NW) Ltd, changes requested by you the client, additional works and/or items requested by you.
4.        If you have arranged to pay by cheque, cheques must be with Aqua (NW)Ltd no less than 5 working days before due date, to allow for funds to clear and installation to start work without delay.
5.        Aqua (NW) Ltd reserves the right to withdraw labour and stop installation until such time as we have cleared funds in our bank account.
6.      Aqua (NW) Ltd reserves the right to ask for all special orders and/or manufactured products be paid for in full at time of order. A special order products are not subject to cancellation and payment for these products is none refundable once order has been placed.
7.        We will, in writing outline the extent and limitations of the installation works we have included for and will be undertaken by us. Any additional works and/or changes requested by you will be priced and agreed prior to works being undertaken and invoiced separately.
8.        You (The Client) will be supplied with a copy of your room design and materials schedule, you will be asked to agree it prior to start of the installation works, as changes made after installation has begun may incur charges and delays. Aqua (NW) Ltd reserve the right to make charges for any costs incurred due to changes made by you.
9.      Due to the nature of interior refurbishment Aqua (NW) Ltd can only give an estimated duration and time scale for the works to be carried out. Aqua (NW) Ltd will not accept any claims for works exceeding the estimated time scale.
10.     We will provide competent and fully insured trades people for the duration of your installation.
11.     We will endeavour to supply on time all materials required to carry out your installation.
12.     Aqua (NW) Ltd cannot accept responsibility for delays caused by manufacturers and/or suppliers being out of stock of such items that we would consider to be and led to believe as normal stock items, therefore would not require Aqua (NW) Ltd to schedule your installation works to allow for such delay.
13.     We will project manage your installation and keep you updated on a weekly basis. If you have any questions during your installation do not hesitate to contact us, this contact could reduce the need for delays and/or additional costs.
14.     If you are having any works carries out at your home or during our installation , by others, that may cause delay and/or rescheduling of our installation  Aqua (NW) Ltd reserves the right to charge hourly or daily rate per man for standing time or any revisits required due to delays or rescheduling.
15.     If you are supplying any products for Aqua (NW) Ltd to install on your behalf they must be available on time and in A1 condition. If your materials are not on site and in good condition which causes Aqua (NW) Ltd delays in progressing and/or finishing your installation we reserve the right to charge an hourly or daily rate per man for standing time and any revisits required due to rescheduling.
16.     Aqua (NW) Ltd will not underwrite any warranties or guarantee the performance or any products supplied by yourselves.
17.     Working hours are approximately Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm (weekend work by mutual agreement)
18.     We will deliver to your home all products ordered by you, if you do not have ample storage on site we will store the goods for you and deliver them to site on a just in time basis. Aqua (NW) Ltd reserves the right to charge for the storage of goods at a rate of £12.50 per day plus vat at the prevailing rate.
19.     At survey we can only allow for remedial works that are apparent at the time or that you inform us of, if it is found that additional unforeseen remedial works are required we will speak to you about these works and quote for the carrying out of such works, the agreed cost will be invoiced separately.
20.     If you do not have any road area for the location of recycling skips, we will pass on the additional charge for any local authority permits required for on the road locating of recycling skips.
21.     Aqua (NW) Ltd will not be held in any part responsible for any damages caused by the locating of skips, oils or fluids that may fall from our installers vehicles and/or splashing from plaster / adhesive mixing on your property, we will at all times endeavour to reduce the risk of these occurrences.
22.     Aqua (NW) Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any problems that may occur with your existing domestic hot and cold water, central heating system and/or domestic electrical system that may arise during or shortly after we have carried out our installation works in your home, unless the issue is found to be our making. Any remedial works required will be charged to yourselves.
23.     Whilst we endeavour to protect the floor coverings and décor inside your home at all times while engaged in installation works at your home we cannot be held responsible for damage caused to removable items left in situ by you and /or contents and/or adjoining rooms.
24.     We would ask you to provide us with easy and clear access around your home for the time we are undertaking installation works. Many products and materials used are often large and/or heavy and during both removal and installation many items are sharp and dirty and may require more that a single person t carry them.
25.     If any damage is caused to your property as a direct result of our workmanship This must be reported direct to the showroom within 24hrs.
26.     Aqua (NW) Ltd reserves the right to charge interest on all monies that are outstanding for more than fourteen days from practical completion.
27.     Aqua (NW) Ltd reserve the right to withdraw any discount or promotional offer (that may have been given to you as part of final negotiations for your order) and charge the full value of any discounted and/or promotional products and services supplied if payment is not received within fourteen days of practical  completion (see para 3)
28.     Aqua (NW) Ltd retain full title for all goods and services supplied to you until such time full and final payment has been made and funds cleared.
29.     Aqua (NW) Ltd will guarantee the installation works carried out at your home for a period of no more than 1 year from practical completion (see para 3)
Errors and/or omissions of a clerical nature are liable for correction